Our Corporate Value and Sustainability Vision

As part of our business strategies and corporate values, we would like to see HannahBazaar.com as a platform to share our values and vision with the wider world.

We are aiming to share a percentage of our profits to various organisations to improve our planet and tackle poverty at home and aboard.


We have put careful consideration into our products, material selection and volume produced, in order to help eliminate wastage and stock piling.
We are aiming to use less packaging and recyclable packaging whenever permissible. We are pleased that our fulfilment partnership implements the same ethos as ourselves.
We are going to support: Woodland Trust and The Forestry Commission on tree planting schemes to provide a brighter future for the next generation.


This is a real issue in existence in every city in the UK. We are aware that people who lose their homes are at particular risk.
At a personal level I have been able to support the following organisations over the years, the needs are great. I have contributed in a small way knowing that small part has made a difference to somebody’s life!

UK – “Shelter” ref: England.shelter.org.uk

Helping the homeless to access to housing scheme, give them an opportunity to improve life.