About Us

Our Story

Our company name was inspired by my little daughter “Hannah” She loved
carrying her hand bag from the minute that she started walking. She likes to
keep all her accessories in small boxes and bring them out to admire them
often. It’s just like a Bazaar for her and this brought me inspiration to create
the name “Hannah Bazaar”, “beautiful things to look at and to be admired!"

We embrace the uniqueness of the individual person; at Hannah Bazaar we are
here to present the beautiful products and let you make your own choice and
create your own style. So “Unlock your inner self and let your uniqueness

Our goal to create beautiful products with a modern vibe and incorporate
practicality and affordability. We thought long and hard about how we could
achieve this and bring our products to our customers. We wanted to create
bags that look good, feel good and wear well.

Our Creations

From our early ideas that were thrown together and etched out in a sketch
book our design concepts emerged.
We work directly with our manufacturer so that we are involved from design,
materials selection, quality assurance and quantity produced. We aim to
produce high quality products at low volume to avoid stock piling, we work in
harmony with an experience bag maker and are able to turn our dream
products into a reality.

Our Team

We are small team of multi taskers. Our Product Director Chris is creative with
a can-do attitude. With a degree in Visual Art, she loves drawing and has
previously worked for a fashion magazine with over 15 years of experience.
She has worked with various expensive brand names. She plays a vital part in
our product design and development, through to the manufacturing process
and quality inspection.

We are thankful to the companies in partnership with us to enable this
company to come to life.

Our fulfilment partnership: Fulfilmentcrowd Ltd. Matrix Park, Chorley

Our Website Developer: Adjust Studio, 23 Roscoe Lane, Liverpool

Our in-House Art Team lead by Product Director Chris to organise all our photo
shoots and art work.

This is just the beginning there will be more exciting projects to come. Please
stay in touch!

We are passionate about our products and cherish our customers. We hope
you enjoy our creations.

Like my daughter said “let’s have a virtual hug together!”